Sunday, August 31

Meandering at the close of the month ...

Coming off of a nice time away at our church leadership retreat, I'm feeling peaceful, hopeful, blessed. This was our second retreat, the first occurring Spring of this year. We looked over the past 6 months and by the grace of God, it was good. It was a 2-nighter where we had a couple of brainstorming sessions and we also relaxed and broke bread together, and enjoyed the tropical air and environment of Palm Springs, returning for Sunday morning service.

Another answer to prayer has been God's response to my job situation. I actually have a hard two weeks to look forward to, but the prayers of the saints in my behalf have been answered and God has heard my cry. Those weeks won't be any different than I originally anticipated; but I will. I moved from the majority report of the weeks to come to the Caleb report. My Lord will sustain me. Not that I doubted it, but I had wearied and I so needed that sense of Him. It will be the cornerstone of my holiday thoughts tomorrow - the verse below.

I have been blessed in the surge to have lost about 6 pounds. The challenge will have been these last few days and of course tomorrow. But I've increased my walking steps and managed well my nutrition over the past several weeks. I am encouraged. I already survived the test of a birthday party for a dear friend's husband where there was so much delicious food. And today, which I'll touch upon further was our church's monthly fellowship. I'm keeping myself accountable. I will forge ahead!

The husband and I just celebrated 9 years of marriage. I was recalling today, one of our initial encounters where he had really blessed me, and in doing so touched my heart. He was the speaker today at church. We had just returned straight from the retreat. It was a good sermon. And it was fellowship sunday, so it was nice kickin' it with everyone over food and faith. Another one of his train gang visited the church today; the other came a few weeks back. I really enjoy seeing new faces coming to the church, especially those who make it home. It was especially nice today because our Japanese sojourner, the husband's namesake is back home - he had been many months in the country he had long dreamed of. He has plans for his future and is trying to set everything in place. He came with two sisters with him today to enjoy hearing their dad speak.

I've gotten caught up in mob wars on facebook. What an addiction. And just when I thought I had it all in hand, some criminal tries to wipe me out and I scramble for hours to maintain my existence. What have I gotten into. Thank goodness for loyal mob members - I nearly died! I play a bit of wordscraper too - trying to keep the brain sharp. The husband thinks I've fallen for my lab top.

We actually celebrate our anniversary for 3 weeks. We went to the county courthouse and followed the occasion with a subsequent wedding and reception.

Summer is falling into Autumn as the last holiday of its time takes place. We'll (he'll) barbeque of course and hopefully we'll be blessed by the presence of loved ones. I have some housecleaning that day and then its back to life as usual.

Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. Matthew 11:28-29

Have a Blessed Labor Day Holiday

Wednesday, August 13

Blogger types?

My facebook mentions an interest in the phenomenological and scientific study of mental processes and behavior; I like studying people - what makes them 'tick'. Temperaments and personalities intrigue me. As such, checking my reader, blogging temperament caught my eye.

"* NT Rationals -- tend to blog most about what they think
* NF Idealists -- tend to blog most about what they feel
* SP Artisans -- tend to blog most about what they experience
* SJ Guardians -- tend to blog most about they do"
Check it out; it's based on the Kiersey temperaments. Find out what type you are, if you haven't guessed. Find out how they figure it out.

Me, I'm a IDEALIST Healer (INFP)- welcome to my world, but don't get me started! And note, I can lean Rational when I wanna.

Sunday, August 10

soldiers of entertainment ... flowers gone

I remember my folks talking about noteable people who had passed that had brought them something the loss of which would be well remembered. Now, I seem to be living in those days myself. The folks would say death comes in threes and wonder who might be next. In mere days, we have lost suddenly Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes.

Mom would sorrow over Isaac Hayes, loving hearing him sing with Dionne Warwick, and the song 'By the Time I Get to Phoenix'. Can't remember when, but I was with her when she saw him and Dionne perform. He left his mark on several generations in music with his resounding voice and in movies.

Of Bernie, it was commented (and I pictured in my mind) he is making more laughter in heaven. Maybe he was levity in a world of leaven and now he has taken his humor to heaven. Steve Harvey brought out what a family man he was beyond the comedian/actor entertainer that he was. The mark of a man - coming from a tough town in a tough time, he has succeeded at what matters most in the love of those he leaves behind - a wife of many years, daughter, and grandchild. And he left us many a chuckle and smile. Rest in peace.

Where have all the graveyards gone?
Covered with flowers every one.

These stars, beyond us now, shined brightly on many a generation. The essence of the petals falling from their stem of life will be a long time fading.

Tuesday, August 5

Escalation of commitment

Mounting a surge calls for a dedication to fully resource an effort or goal. There are actualizations we all would like to accomplish; but are we committed. I want to acquire a healthier weight; but am I committed? I want to obtain a higher level of learning degree; but am I able to even to stretch to the extent called for? It was my own efforts that gave me pause for thought ...

Jesus said to Peter [John 21], 'do you love (agape - like I love you, unconditionally) me' to which the response was 'yes, you know my affection for you'. Again He asked getting the same response. A third time He questioned Peter - 'are you fond (have affection for - denoting personal attachment, as a matter of sentiment or feeling [Strongs]) of me'? Was some increased level of uncertainty accompanying a saddened Peter's third reply?

I'm sorry Lord for the thing I made it [Heart of Worship]

Mine has been colored so; is your commitment sad?

What are you committed to? It's easier to say than to do. It's not the thought that counts at the end of the surge; it's the actualization.

Answer this, what are you willing, or not willing, to do?

If this is really your response to this desire of your heart or another, how are you really responding to Christ?

An escalation of commitment requires evidence of an all-out, unconditional, dedicated response. Lord stay me I pray!

Saturday, August 2

The Surge

Will it work?

I confess, the weightloss in-roads are only a past memory. The holidays mounted a subtle counterattack and my forces retreated. I have since re-engaged without substantial results. The troops are going to have to hold their own and through the coming holidays!

Sooooo.... I'm mounting a surge! Yes, a surge. Will we be able to call it a success? We shall see. But the only casualty I expect are the clothes that will become too small for me! The measure of success will be not having to gain control without expending troops for a lifetime - to be able to manage comfortably.

I didn't just re-commit. For about the past few months I've been trying to get back on track to little scaleable avail. This is the first month I've made my 5000 monthly step/day average; actually 2nd, this month's per day average was plus 800. I'm beginning to work the calories successfully. But when you look at the measurements, there's no evidence.

So what does the surge consist of? It started with a revelation. I was doing this on my own. Suddenly, I went to the Lord acknowledging I couldn't do this. I asked Him to help me. I've redone my measurements - my goodness, how disappointing. I've lightly restructured my program, adding some aerobic exercise in addition to walking - I had all but eliminated that. I've fortified my determination to depend on the Lord. There's a program that I will incorporate to some degree, and that's First Choice. I continue to use Sparkpeople; it's been the base of my first successful thrust. Some at the workplace had a contest last month just to weigh in each week and a prize goes to the one in loses the most after a period of time. Another contest starts this month which I will join.

Already this week I've lost 3 pounds. If I can carry that into the Monday, that'll be great. Monday is my high in the week and Friday morning usually the low. It is not important to weigh everyday, but for me it's helps me to know what page I am.

Pray for me to successfully engage, and to maintain, and to keep the Lord as the source of my strength. I will keep you advised on the effects of the surge.

Fitness Footnote

'the highs and lows of' my Weight Loss Journey