Wednesday, June 13

The Mid-west Passage of Na'na of Kayden

In anticipation of my first granchild's birth, I penned:

The Mid-west Passage of Na'na of Kayden

Listen my heritage and I shall tell
Of the mid-west passage of Na’na of Kayden
On a fair day in June in Two Thousand Twelve
Each and every clansman knows only full well
And hasn’t forgotten that momentous occasion
She said to her daughter, “if Kayden gives gauge
By lull or speed from the womb any time
Hang a message aloft in the facebook page
as a private beacon for a signal sublime,—
One if by lull, and two, if by speed
And on the western front we’d be
Ready to charge across the expanse
Through every mid-west village and ranch,
packing GPS, leaving nothing to chance.
So for hours and hours rode Na’na for Kayden
And so through every mid-west village and ranch
Giving not anything and no one even a glance, —
With, for hours too, her companion Jo-Nathan,
A blip on the radar, a blur of Forte,
So to make an entrance the heralded day!
‘For, borne on the night-wind of the Past,
Through all our history, to the last’,
To the journey preceding Mom and Dad’s lil guy,
Jo-Nathan and Na’na arrived welcome laden
To witness the life’s breath and the first cry
Of the Rodriguez blessing dear, Kayden!
Welcome lil man; Na'na loves you!

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