Friday, May 18

culinary pampering

My friend Cecilia hosted a Pampered Chef party Saturday and, though I've been to many in a somewhat bemused state of mind, I fell for the product hook line and sinker this time. I attribute that to an increasing enjoyment of cooking.

I may have mentioned the husband and I have an agreement - I cook holidays except in the warmer months when he barbeques, and otherwise he cooks. Now while I generally hold to my part, I frequently help on the other end to help with the flow of all things household. For the warm holidays I like to season meat experiment with rubs and spices, and to doctor sauces. More and more, though I've really begun to appreciate the art of cooking because it is not a 'responsibility'. I like sauces, and seasonings, and gravies, and making meals appealing and tasty.

So this time I could barely contain myself at the Pampered Chef party and, rather than it be my husband's order, most of the items are mine! I particularly fell in love with their seasonings and sauces. Oh my God's goodness! Cecilia served over poured over cream cheese with Wheat Thins (I couldn't stand these crackers in a major way!) - I was in heaven. And it was so easy, and so pretty, and SOOO delicious! The sauces I've ordered and fave tasted ...

Cecilia nicely packed up a little goody bag to take home. She has the ultimate Pampered Chef kitchen. She looks to have everything. But it was her party- so she buys more if she wants to ;-). The party itself featured a veggie pizza a la our consultant Diane Coronado. I'm not a veggie person AT ALL, although I try to make sure they make it on my plate somewhere, but this was really really good! I think the dill added was the secret ingredient, but the crunchy texture of the chopped up vegetables made for a delightful experience. 

I plan to try my own pizza (without veggies) with the Pillsbury Pizza dough rather than the croissant demonstrated; but I think the outcome will be similar - I already make this, but I've got some new ideas and a great cutter n the way that won't scratch my pizza stone! The husband was ordering the round pizza set; saved him $35 and then ordered some more utensils, a great little cookbook for a $1 and of course the sauces and get another utensil free. I had always considered them expensive - now I think I made a steal!
I'm not satisfied though. I'm having an online party in July. Yes, July, because my first granbaby won't wait! I'm excited. Yes for the granbaby, but also my party - there are so many more items I want. I am far from being chef material, but I think I deserve being pampered for my new found fascination in culinary arts. Let me know if you're interested in my online party. For all things Na'na and granbabies and otherwise pampered ;-) check out the label.

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