Friday, February 10


In the glitter city of Vegas listening to standards the likes of Johnny Mathis, Andy Williams, Irving Berlin, Cole Turner - a concert off the strip in the solitide of the weekend's accommodations, I'm soon to retire for the evening.

The husband edits some photography taken from the learning event we participated in the last two days and I update social networks and blogs as I let the pieces of a talk I'll be giving float around in my head until they work themselves together.

There's an honesty, romance, and transparency to the words pouring forth in melodious syncopation I am hearing. I am thoroughly enjoying this music and thankful to the people who have set it deeply into my soul - my mom and dad, all the singers of the time devoted to the nuances of its craft, and the beautiful voice of my precious friend Paula Prince.

It's simple things that bring beauty and peace to the soul. Thankful.

Fitness Footnote

'the highs and lows of' my Weight Loss Journey