Saturday, April 25

rover over kid rocks in stereo

Thursday was take your kid to work day - and so the day went. One of the activities the kid participated in was having a miniature Rover roll over his and other kids' backs. He consulted with engineers and scientists, and delivered mail for administrators. He met bosses and colleagues, participated in various activities. My office mate took him to the company store from which he gained many goodies. We also went to Perdue's - in Pasadena. Activities included building a rocket and launching it into the air via a bottle stomp. Check out the pictures on flickr to get a better sense of the day -

He experienced the full day of rising early to take the commuter van to put in a 9-hour day. Both of us having not been feeling well, put in a long but interesting day at the office. Welcome to my world, I say :-)

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