Saturday, December 8

City Preps for Holiday Festivities - a good day for the Farmers Market

Rose early for Fontana's Farmers Market this morning which would be incorporated this week into the City's Festival of Winter Rock N Roll Christmas - a parade, snow, skating rink, music and more! From my frequented vendors, I picked up my usual goods -- strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, red and white onions, avocados, and some granola. This week with the raffle tickets I got a $5 coupon for the next visit and a salad shaker.

In and around the area, the preparations for the day's activities were going on. You could hear the sounds of the snow machine, and bands, and see classic cars and floats lining up with their passengers, including the likes of Acquanetta Warren and Janice Rutherford. The crescendo of anticipated activity was only just beginning.

Sunday, December 2

First Installment of Living Greener in the Black

The eldest says that striving for a natural healthier life is a unique focus that needs be exploited to the benefit of those, especially people of color, that think it far reaching  -- in ease of putting into action and in grasping the possibilities.

She's right. Because it is not out of reach. It takes wanting it and moving there - with small steps, not necessarily huge strides. It is then amazing how easy it generally becomes to embrace and the world that opens up and expands before you. There's a wealth of knowledge and support out there and some misinformation too.

My intent is not going 100%; I'm going (albeit sometimes inperceptible) beyond where I am today, every day. I'm going to explore and exploit my adventure into this realm and hope that not only I glean something from it. I expect to enhance my own well-being and that of the lives I touch in so doing. May you also, if you come along for the ride.

On that note, Farmer's Markets ...
Attended one with the eldest in Texas in the summer, essentially in spectator mode. However, since I returned to California, I've been frequent the Fontana Farmer's Market Saturdays. This past Friday, visiting a recovering friend, I saw a Farmer's Market at the nearby Kaiser Permanente Hospital (apparently they have several). There are actually many Farmer's Markets in the area, currently listed under Southland Farmer's Markets

booty from my winning raffle ticket!

Other Farmer's Market pictures:
Farmer's Market goods (yes I even bought the orchid there!)
When I went to the nearby supermarket after Thanksgiving to get some fresh fruit (a Farmer's Market wasn't held that weekend), I was highly disappointed and recognized how indulged I've become. The fruit I purchased was more expensive and in lesser condition. The strawberries I bought were actually grossly molded underneath. I was so glad to get back to the Farmer's Market this weekend and pick up my fresh produce. 

This weekend, I made the utmost usage of the Thanksgiving turkey by concocting a soup - the ingredients were largely (with the exception of the turkey) from fresh produce and seasonings, and leftovers. There is a distinct improvement in the taste and texture of the vegetables, not to mention the increase of nutritional value. I was pleased with this accomplishment, freezing some for rainy days (looking out the window at the cloudy sky) and the cold/flu season, and keeping some for now.

I may sound like Susy Homemaker now; I'm far from it. I'm a busy family woman working outside the home with other consuming activities. The small steps in the culinary area I've taken actually help me enjoy cooking and prepare quick and healthier meals (my resistant family actually enjoy).

Well, there's the first installment of Living Greener in the Black ;-)

Thursday, November 29

What Has BeFallen Me

My grandson is huge in my life. The eldest and her husband had this beautiful baby.
days old!
Kayden is a joy. I was there at his birth; what an honor! And just this November, I spent some time with him in San Diego when my daughter spoke at a conference. He's 5 months now.

pillow talkin'
Kayden 'n popi
Bruin octupied!
mom and Kayden oceanside
dandy lion dreaming
visiting with a Treasured friend
 My eldest son is deployed. I keep him before the Lord. In this age of Skype, Facebook, etc., we are able to keep in touch which I am thankful for. He's come a long way and I'm proud!
training in San Antonio, TX
"is this the only picture you have of me, mother?"
He has many more of those "bar" thingys now ;-)

Sunday, September 30

Getting In My Skin ... Spa Day

Yesterday was the last appointment of my Mother's Day package at Alec Ian Day Spa/Merle Norman. It was five part - spa facial, massage, microdermabrasion, massage, and foot detox treatment. The foot detox treatment included a skin care lesson and make over. Because I had some neck/back irritation, I added a 30 minute massage.

I had never had a foot detox treatment before. The color of the water in my foot ionization treatment turned a yellowish color. There is a chart that informs you what toxins are represented by the color of your water.

This ionization was followed by my make over. Generally with make-up your guess is better than mine.I like the foundation used. I learned some techniques about 'looks' I've been trying to achieve. With half of my face done, I could not detect in a mirror which half of my face had been done. I was particularly impressed with the set spray (never had that before), and how she applied the blush (I thought it made my face appear thinner). The photo reflects the final result.

Finally, the massage - just what the doctor ordered! A day later and the pain I was experiencing before is gone. Oh and when they tell you to drink plenty of water afterward; take heed!

Over the duration of the package, I've had facial cleansing and toning, masque, steam treatment, skin analysis (good report). I've implemented the inexpensive recommendation for a scrub and I am very pleased with the results. For a very tense (they told me and they weren't lying) neck and back, I added the recommended deep tissue massages which dissipated pain that I had with me for the past year. The package includes a massage with thermotherapy, passive stretching.

This has been a mother's day gift that kept on giving. I have not spa'd much - a few trips to Glen Ivy, a few individual massages. I view them somewhat frivolous and that is okay if one likes to do those things. Now I consider it of value to every girl to understand the skin she's in, and in reality any person. I am eager to start a new package with them. In the meantime they have several one-time deals of which I want to take advantage! Other offers are also available through Amazon or Groupon - I've personally seen the Groupon one; good value.  Going to the spa has gotten under my skin!

Tuesday, September 18

waxing sentimental on our 2nd 13th anniversary, I resurrected this excerpt from a geocities webpage I had at the time. Geocities no longer exists, so existing links are broken but our story is not ;-) ....

Norm 'n Suge Encounter

DISCLAIMER: This is in no way to exonorate or promote internet/cyber romance;
rather to show the amazing powerful move of God in all avenues of the universe.
The key here was a movement, awareness, and responding to the will of God
as He chose to bless in this particular scenario. Remember (in Matthew chapter 6):
"Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you."

Today, we are married,
a family of 10 -
sharing one heart and one ministry!

God is amazingly marvelous!


Arrgghhh! I wrote this wonderful saga - spent an hour and then lost it. Now I begin again *s and this'll probably be an abridged version!

Greetings in the Lord! He is truly wonderful. Now this is probably not any revelation, but I need to "come clean" and tell this story.

I'm a chataholic! (laffing). I say this because I chat all the time and fortunately this habit factored in my fate. I am a member of the ChatDiva webring, which unlike other webrings I participate in, has it's own chatroom. Recently there was a chat birthday party for one of the divas there, the "bestest " of frenz. I was in charge of inviting the celebrant's net friends and did so on icq and email. One friend asked if he could bring another to which I agreed - the more the merrier.

At the party I was in a hostess mode, greeting handles and making them feel comfortable in the environment - so when I saw homepages with some of the handles I bookmarked them to look at later. The friend and his invitee did come.

The next day Sunday I saw this wonderful Bible resource among the pages I had bookmarked. It was fantastic. I icq'd the friend to tell his invitee how wonderful I thought it was. He told me to do it myself, giving me the icq#. I contacted this RNorm and we exchanged pleasantries. I sent the URL to my out of town friend because I knew she would love it. She noticed this guy was in Los Angeles.

In the next convo, later in the day I told him we were neighbors - and we discovered not only did his folks live where I grew up and now work, but that we had at one time gone to the same church in the L.A. area and in trying to think if we had any friends in common discovered that my son and his dad had both been at a fellowship at his house the previous weekend.

This guy put me on his scripture list at my request and told me about Christian Parent chat. Our icq records show that we talked daily at all hours convinced of our focus to our goals but intrigued. That Friday I visited CPchat. The spirit was with me there and I knew I would come back - this presence of the spirit in this way had not been with me for some time - I reveled in it. While I was there this RNorm guy came in and I was amazed at this man's heart for God.

I continued to icq with this RNorm and began to find us in one accord as and how we ministered. The man dared to call me a prophetess which I really for once began to wonder at. And in CP we seemed linked - still so - to the point I realized I was there in ministry as much for him as the other chatters. Often the word given to me was to exhort him rather than the room's situation. Often we post the exact same words or thoughts. And I observed such a warrior - such a devoted servant - how could my heart not be touched.

A Sunday a week later, I tried to get in CPStudy with much difficulty. I recognized forces against me and began praying and standing against this to not much avail. This guy laffed at me until he realized that others were also encountering this problem. I wanted him to somehow help me - but refused to make such a ridiculous and selfish request while he was focusing on the Study. Some 45 minutes goes by and I'm aware that the study must practically be over. I get an icq from RNorm - "take my hand and I will bring you in" and in that moment I KNEW that I would go in. I responded to take his hand. I hit return on the wbs screen and landed effortlessly in the Study. It was mystical! You just don't know - and I leave the Spirit to bring to you how that felt. Nothing has been the same since!

Figure that Regg's friend was bent on bringing the 2 of us together based on what he knew about me. Figure that, aside from the invite convo, the friend and I had never conversed and that he really knew nothing about me. God was moving! His friend later discovered the fruit of God's efforts through him. Now there is more - much more - but this is as they say the beginning!

Regg is a true personification of Boaz - I only wish I was as truly Ruth. But we give this to God just as He has given it unto us and seek his will and his good pleasure. God has been Good to us and is in it! Regg would know the verse I want right now - but we await what God reveals for us in this. I knew you would enjoy the story and rejoice in it.

Reggie & Shelley
(aka RNorm & Suge)

Thanks for your support and love. Be blessed *s in His exceeding grace and mercy.
And heartfelt thanks to Jemal and Felicia for your part in His plan! We owe ya bigtime!

Your Sister in Christ Jesus


What God has created has meter and rhyme.

Cohesive it is, indecipherable its mystery -

This is the making of you and me -

A treasure from depths beyond all we see

that stands amidst the erosion of worldly things

because it exists within His being.

Thus is the source of my joy -

This gift He gave us that heightens my life

to far beyond all I have ever known -

this You and I - this joining,

this companionship, love, this becoming your wife.

Wednesday, June 13

The Mid-west Passage of Na'na of Kayden

In anticipation of my first granchild's birth, I penned:

The Mid-west Passage of Na'na of Kayden

Listen my heritage and I shall tell
Of the mid-west passage of Na’na of Kayden
On a fair day in June in Two Thousand Twelve
Each and every clansman knows only full well
And hasn’t forgotten that momentous occasion
She said to her daughter, “if Kayden gives gauge
By lull or speed from the womb any time
Hang a message aloft in the facebook page
as a private beacon for a signal sublime,—
One if by lull, and two, if by speed
And on the western front we’d be
Ready to charge across the expanse
Through every mid-west village and ranch,
packing GPS, leaving nothing to chance.
So for hours and hours rode Na’na for Kayden
And so through every mid-west village and ranch
Giving not anything and no one even a glance, —
With, for hours too, her companion Jo-Nathan,
A blip on the radar, a blur of Forte,
So to make an entrance the heralded day!
‘For, borne on the night-wind of the Past,
Through all our history, to the last’,
To the journey preceding Mom and Dad’s lil guy,
Jo-Nathan and Na’na arrived welcome laden
To witness the life’s breath and the first cry
Of the Rodriguez blessing dear, Kayden!
Welcome lil man; Na'na loves you!

Friday, May 18

culinary pampering

My friend Cecilia hosted a Pampered Chef party Saturday and, though I've been to many in a somewhat bemused state of mind, I fell for the product hook line and sinker this time. I attribute that to an increasing enjoyment of cooking.

I may have mentioned the husband and I have an agreement - I cook holidays except in the warmer months when he barbeques, and otherwise he cooks. Now while I generally hold to my part, I frequently help on the other end to help with the flow of all things household. For the warm holidays I like to season meat experiment with rubs and spices, and to doctor sauces. More and more, though I've really begun to appreciate the art of cooking because it is not a 'responsibility'. I like sauces, and seasonings, and gravies, and making meals appealing and tasty.

So this time I could barely contain myself at the Pampered Chef party and, rather than it be my husband's order, most of the items are mine! I particularly fell in love with their seasonings and sauces. Oh my God's goodness! Cecilia served over poured over cream cheese with Wheat Thins (I couldn't stand these crackers in a major way!) - I was in heaven. And it was so easy, and so pretty, and SOOO delicious! The sauces I've ordered and fave tasted ...

Cecilia nicely packed up a little goody bag to take home. She has the ultimate Pampered Chef kitchen. She looks to have everything. But it was her party- so she buys more if she wants to ;-). The party itself featured a veggie pizza a la our consultant Diane Coronado. I'm not a veggie person AT ALL, although I try to make sure they make it on my plate somewhere, but this was really really good! I think the dill added was the secret ingredient, but the crunchy texture of the chopped up vegetables made for a delightful experience. 

I plan to try my own pizza (without veggies) with the Pillsbury Pizza dough rather than the croissant demonstrated; but I think the outcome will be similar - I already make this, but I've got some new ideas and a great cutter n the way that won't scratch my pizza stone! The husband was ordering the round pizza set; saved him $35 and then ordered some more utensils, a great little cookbook for a $1 and of course the sauces and get another utensil free. I had always considered them expensive - now I think I made a steal!
I'm not satisfied though. I'm having an online party in July. Yes, July, because my first granbaby won't wait! I'm excited. Yes for the granbaby, but also my party - there are so many more items I want. I am far from being chef material, but I think I deserve being pampered for my new found fascination in culinary arts. Let me know if you're interested in my online party. For all things Na'na and granbabies and otherwise pampered ;-) check out the label.

Friday, February 10


In the glitter city of Vegas listening to standards the likes of Johnny Mathis, Andy Williams, Irving Berlin, Cole Turner - a concert off the strip in the solitide of the weekend's accommodations, I'm soon to retire for the evening.

The husband edits some photography taken from the learning event we participated in the last two days and I update social networks and blogs as I let the pieces of a talk I'll be giving float around in my head until they work themselves together.

There's an honesty, romance, and transparency to the words pouring forth in melodious syncopation I am hearing. I am thoroughly enjoying this music and thankful to the people who have set it deeply into my soul - my mom and dad, all the singers of the time devoted to the nuances of its craft, and the beautiful voice of my precious friend Paula Prince.

It's simple things that bring beauty and peace to the soul. Thankful.

Sunday, January 29

wading on the Lord

some times as I wade through things, as I progress, I get to a point where it seems circumstances or that Ephesians 6 crap just laughs hard and hysterically in my face.

Well I don't like it and it greatly hinders me.

But in the end, see enemy (always to be lowercase), I know whose I am and whose you are not. Checkmate. Game over.

Now I just have to find my way to operate in it again. Sing His song. Move along! End of story. In Him, I've got the Victory.

Php 3:12-14 and Is 40:29-31, 41:10; Rom 5 :3-4; Heb 12:1; 1 Cor 9:25-27

Fitness Footnote

'the highs and lows of' my Weight Loss Journey