Saturday, July 13

Breakfast Crown Experiment

Okay, I'm not much of a cook ... but due to my now long enjoyed freedom with the husband being the chief cook, I have fun trying new dishes. I love our ladies group the CKW Fellowship that meets on 2nd Saturdays of each month. Because it's a breakfast, we have delightful eats each occasion. Not particularly confident in my skills, I'm not one to experiment on the unsuspecting; I broke my rule this time with this googled gourmet find.

Now, in reality, it was two recipes - the Santa Fe Breakfast Ring and the bacon, egg and cheese wreath. These two recipes gave me a lot of ideas. I went to the store and purchased:
  • parchment paper (Reynolds actually carries a one side aluminum, one side parchment), 
  • eggs, 
  • pepper jack cheese (but I had some regular shredded cheese at home)
  • Pillsbury crescent roll package
  • Farmer John link sausage package
  • frozen hash browns with red and green pepper package
  • Philadelphia garlic flavor cooking sauce (because the market didn't have the Santa Fe flavor called out in the Santa Fe recipe)
I had about an hour before I needed to leave for our Fellowship, so I cooked the sausage in small pieces, drained and set to the side. I scrambled the eggs and separate cooked the hashbrowns. I mixed the hashbrowns, eggs, and sausage, and real bacon bits (I had in the house) with half of the garlic flavor cooking sauce. I would have added onion, but didn't have any - my list failed to make it to my phone.

I took a pizza plate with the parchment paper on it and placed the crescent pieces in a circle. I sprinkled it with a bit of mesquite seasoning. I placed the shredded cheese (I would have preferred to use the pepper jack, but didn't want to take the time to shred it) around the circle. Atop that I placed the mix around in a circle. I placed more cheese around the circle. I then placed the ends of the crescent pieces up over these ingredients and sprinkled a final dash of cheese across the top.

I followed the directions to place it in an oven pre-heated to 375 for the required time.

I was punctual!
The ladies loved it!
The crowning glory was the message for the special ladies that come together every 2nd Saturday for this time of fellowship. Jesus was there! He has always been there and is!

However if you like this breakfast idea, there is so much room to play with this recipe. My guys at home don't like cheese, so I probably will remove that for their concoctions except for some pieces designated for me - definitely trying the pepper jack. One could add fresh sliced mushrooms. I even thought of pepperoni. I think having fresh salsa with it is also a very good idea.

As a googling gourmet, this was a fun dish to prepare. Enjoy your variations! Use the links to determine amounts and for pictures that take you step-by-step; I did.

Wednesday, May 29

patience; it's perfect work

The most difficult aspect of photography for me is patience - not rushing through afraid of missing a moment, but taking the time for just the right light, that perfect setting, that exact moment. Otherwise you can take a zillion shots and have little to nothing, not even scratching the surface of what exists. But with patience, you experience the transformation of essentiality - essence! When you finally close that shutter, what you will have to show for the time you spent will be the breath-taking release into the realm of par excellence, a perfect work.

It's that way with life too! You can race through all the aspects of living, moving from one to the next and onward; or you can experience the transformation of essentiality (a joy in the gift of being) in totality, experience it, let it saturate you. When you close your eyes that final time - great will be the satisfaction of a life rightly and well lived!
getting it!
photography by RNorm.

Let patience have it's perfect work ... James 1:4


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