Thursday, November 29

What Has BeFallen Me

My grandson is huge in my life. The eldest and her husband had this beautiful baby.
days old!
Kayden is a joy. I was there at his birth; what an honor! And just this November, I spent some time with him in San Diego when my daughter spoke at a conference. He's 5 months now.

pillow talkin'
Kayden 'n popi
Bruin octupied!
mom and Kayden oceanside
dandy lion dreaming
visiting with a Treasured friend
 My eldest son is deployed. I keep him before the Lord. In this age of Skype, Facebook, etc., we are able to keep in touch which I am thankful for. He's come a long way and I'm proud!
training in San Antonio, TX
"is this the only picture you have of me, mother?"
He has many more of those "bar" thingys now ;-)

Fitness Footnote

'the highs and lows of' my Weight Loss Journey