Tuesday, July 24

trailer trash?

speaking of movies - based on the coming attractions we saw, there's a load of crap in store ... (a few mentioned here).

Outside of
  • The Bourne Ultimatum - of which looks to be a good finale - even though Matt Damon, while more seasoned with age now, looked to be too boyish to be the notorious character of Jason Bourne). I enjoyed the previous two of the trilogy and also definitely the books which started me on the author Robert Ludlum (many of whose fiction has become film).
these were hard to sit through even as 'trailers'
With the cost of movie-going these days, I'm hard pressed to just throw money away nor to waste it on the home library should filmmakers not be embarrassed enough to release it. For those reflecting a mere glimpse of promise, I can always check them out first on satellite/cable or borrow someone else's. Hopefully something of redeeming value is down the pike as well.

Monday, July 23


Okay it was loud and fast - or I am hearing and sight challenged, but it was quite the summer blockbuster! It had all the makings of a success - great cast and characters, story line, action, humor, suspense, tension, romance - whew! If you saw Small Soldiers and/or any of the Terminator films - it all seemed very familiar - oh to be caught up in somebody else's war! Be careful not to hold your breath too long! It'll be great to watch on DVD!

Anyway the husband, youngest and I went to see it - a delayed Father's Day activity (thank you ReggieA) and enjoyed it thoroughly! Closing the chapter on Father's Day now - speaking of fathers, Shia LaBeouf's (who is making quite a career for himself - you might remember from I, Robot, Constantine, and earlier Holes) character Sam had quite an interesting dad Ron Witwicky - Kevin Dunn, who has played interesting dad's before (Soldiers' Stuart Abernathy)!

Sunday, July 22

water slide down!

The youngest wanted to go the Palm Springs timeshare for day use so he could go swimming. He has improved so much! This is a year of major strides for him. He's really gotten the hang of swimming, biking, and throwing. The last time he was in water here he stayed in the 3 foot area. This time he was all over the place - playing volleyball, keep-away, catch and, when he wasn't playing with others, swimming after me into deeper waters. Then he went faster and faster down the bigger water slide.

But by the grace of God, we were even there because the following day I discovered that the car vibrating badly at 80 mph when we returned was actually a very warbled tire. Thank God too the tire was still under warranty!

On the biking front now he bikes over to his friend's house to hang out. My little boy is growing up!

Thursday, July 12

Happy Birthday Sis! To your health ;-)

Happy Birthday Sis!

Doing so well on my wellness program, I scheduled the labwork for the doctor, I'd been putting off until I made some improvements. I'd finally gotten that out of the way. But I got a call from the doctor's office saying that he wants me to schedule a physical - who knew? what gives? Well I scheduled that for next month. Hopefully in a month I will have improved even more only to find nothing ominous was hanging over my head.

Meanwhile I'll continue walking in the 'evening sun' with the one I love - feel so fine! Toodles.

Wednesday, July 11

Keep Walkin ...

that is a song from one of the early VeggieTales!

Anyways, I think I told you about WalkerTracker.com where I keep all my walking stats, but what I just found the other day is really a jewel! Want to find some places to walk? Want a particular kind of path? Wonder what the mileage is on a walk your doing? Map My Walk! Check out all it does! I was able to map out a 5-mile route in the residential area of my neighborhood. How kewl is that? Another useful site is: Pedometer Step Equivalents for Exercises and Activities.

Fitness and health (not just weightloss and crash diets) seems and needs to be more of a focus this year than ever before. My husband shared this CNN article with me: Sharon Twitchell Story Highlights barely fit into a size 22 as her weight peaked at 227 lbs. - An online weight loss program and regular exercise helped her lose 110 lbs. CNN is focusing on several such stories. I bought a jump rope just recently - whew, now that's a cardio workout - double dutch anyone?

Keep walkin' lyrics - think Walls of Jericho Bible event (you really kinda hafta hear it ;-))
What are you doing?
We are going to knock your wall down.
By walking around in circles?
Ohhh. Thats a great idea. You go ahead and keep walking.

Keep walking, but you won't knock down our wall.
Keep walking. But she isn't gonna to fall!
It's plain to see, your brains are very small..
To think walking, will be knocking down our wall.

You silly little pickle. You silly little bean.
You think that walking round will bring this city to its knees?
The awesome power of this wall, we've clearly demonstrated.
Ah! But out here in this hot hot sun, perhaps your dehydrated?
I pity them Philippe.
Ah, Meh wee jean claude, meh wee..
Won't you join me in my irritating little song?
It would be an honor.

Keep walking, but you won't knock down our wall.
Keep walking. But she isn't gonna to fall!
It's plain to see, your brains are very small..
To think walking, will be knocking down our wall.

Keep walking, but you won't knock down our wall.
Keep walking. But she isn't gonna to fall!
It's plain to see, your brains are very small..
To think walking, will be knocking down our wall.

It's plain to see..That your brains are very small..
To think walking,Will be knocking down our wall!!
I'm knockin' down a wall of fat and the walls are tumbling down...

Tuesday, July 10

Dueling keyboards or ;-) Surrounded by Black and Whites

The husband has kept me in keyboards throughout our relationship - the first one very early on as a birthday gift. It was a Casio portable. I graduated to a Yamaha DGX205 (76-key Touch Response keyboard with 400+ voices) - what a difference in sound.

You may recall our visit with the husband's mentor. Well he had a keyboard I simply lusted after - the sounds he played were so jazzy and sweet and beyond what was in my possession. Balancing lust within contentment is a precarious occupation such that the husband decided to help me out – transpose the numbers and you get a Yamaha DGX520 (88 key portable grand)! I’m sounding better all the time - actually sounding way better than my skills; I hope to immensely improve with time!

We were able to bless the 16-year old gifted musical composer prodigy with my former keyboard. The Casio is in the youngest’s room. Next thing you know the husband was awash with lust himself – filled with a longing to master the ebonys and ivorys, having musical talent of his own! Now he is in the proud owner of a Yamaha YPT-300. We are on our way to enhancing the beautiful music we make together!

Monday, July 9

Surprise! A virtual reality

Jenn and the boys from Hawaii and Micah, Nicole and Kaitlyn visited our church on Sunday. When your friends become virtual, even ones who are not far away like the Leonards, its always wonderful to see them in person. We should be seeing the Hays' in their natural habitat of Hawaii soon - but what a delightful surprise to see them all Sunday and to be able to tangibly reach out and touch a friend!

Where's a camera when you need one! Oh well, I stole this picture from them ;-)

Sunday, July 8

Women's Challenge

I did it! I finished the Women's Challenge! I don't usually take on challenges as I put too much pressure on myself - but I did this one and successfully! I'm a fitter person today than when I started and in addition to other forms of exercise I've walked 200 miles! The feeling is huge!

Friday, July 6

Happy Birthday BabyGirl!

I first gave birth 28 years ago - she had a birthday today ... over there in the rains of north Texas, fortunately not flooded out, in the hands of God with her blessing of a husband - homeowners, pursuing their goals, standing as a light in the face of this world and walking in the faith ... So, so proud of you - We love you Baby Girl!

Ooooh she's makin' me seem old! ;-)

Tuesday, July 3

It's Tuesday and I'm Ready for the Weekend!

I'm at Taco Tuesday enjoying some lunch and a moment to blog. It's my last workday this week. That's the beauty of 9/80 - with Wednesday being a holiday and Friday my regular day, I was able to take Thursday as a vacation day and have a 5-day weekend! I have errands to run, but I hope to see my brother!

7/5 UPDATE: I didn't get to see my brother yet but we did talk over the phone - we'll see each other some day.

Monday, July 2

Fitness Figures

progress: End of May / End of June difference
Weight 184.4 180.1 -4.3
Neck 13.50
Shoulders 43.0 42.0 -1.0
Chest 44.0 43.5 -.5
Waist 31.5 31.0 -.5
Abdomen 42.0 40.75 -.25
Hips 42.0 41.0 -1.0
Thigh 25.5 25. -.5
Knee 14.25 13.75 -.25
Calf 14.25 13.75 -.5
Ankle 8.25 8.25 0
Arm 12.00 11.75 -.25
Forearm 10.25 10.0 - .25
Wrist 6.5 6.25 -.25

My initial goal is 177 and I am almost there; my ultimate goal is to be close to 160. This month it will just be nice to be under 180. I'm enjoying summer clothes these toasty hot days and not feeling like a boat. What is really kewl is my blood pressure #s are good med-free.

July - already!

Look at the time!

I'm somewhat glad June has slip by - it was, not without its virtues, a difficult month. If I were doing a biometric thing I'd say 'whew, that emotional line is all over the place!"

The youngest was student of the month of May in his classroom. Yeah! Had a day off so I could enjoy that. Walked to his school and back home again, chatting with neighbors on the way. The weather is changing to the neighborly style where you have a minute for another person and can catch up with each other. It's a great time of year.

Visited Oasis Community Church, Moreno Valley, the first Sunday and afterward went to Sizzler for lunch. They just couldn't get the husband's order right! When he finally got his sirloin tips well done, they were scrumptious and my fish and chips were great. Overall we had a lovely sabbath.

The husband and I were going to attend a denominational discipling seminar only to find after driving through traffic to Norwalk it had been cancelled. They were very apologetic about not having gotten me the notice. So instead we leisurely slammed some breakfast at Denny's and visited his ministerial mentor. I hadn't met him and his wife - so it was a lovely day anyway. After all, it was another day off from work. I didn't get a chance to check-in on my brother, who didn't live very far away, but I have been able to get in touch with him this month and hope to see him the upcoming holiday weekend.

My hawaiian friend came through in a hayz - we should be seeing their family in two short months. The oldest of our two youngest girls turned 16 - woah and is learning to drive; look out world! Happy Birthday! My godchild, a lovely young lady, had a birthday this month - hey gyrl! My sister and brother-in-law (27) and my Ace and her husband (18 - and their son turned 4 too) had anniversaries - bless you all! I missed the renewed vows (25 years of marriage) of Compton (now living in Palmdale) cousin and his wife who I have yet to meet - I hope that gets remedied someday soon. My nephew, brother's son, graduated from high school - woohoo, very proud of him!

Happy belated Father's Day to all you devoted dad's out there, especially to the husband who is there for his mine and ours! It gets rocky at times movin' the one by one into adulthood - so glad the Lord helps us through! The youngest allowed me to join them for dinner out at Red Robin's - they have the best fish and chips - on a Friday night pre-celebration which I as the third wheel' thoroughly enjoyed.

I started a major campaign of regaining our retreat (the master bedroom) - some evil calamity ;-) seems to have had a hold over its appearance. I can now walk in the walk-in closet and found my desk; the husband has installed the new blinds; and it seems to have grown immensely as slowly I throw out , put, and give things away. I've been quite a busier bee around the house. My final stroke was to attack the hall closet - I actually know what's in there now.

Tyrtle has become quite comfortable in his new digs! What a life - eat, swim and sunbathe all day! You'd think he'd be grateful ;-0 - but he made a great escape again just the other day, only to be rounded up by one of the dogs (maybe there's some sheep/turtle dog in there somewhere).

The youngest has finished his school year - hallelujah! He achieved an additional attendance award at the end of the year - we're very proud of his perseverance in the face of adversity this year and overall academic achievements. Here's a Major News Flash! A couple of years ago, after falling while trying to learn to ride his bike the youngest was basically traumatized and vowed never to ride! Well , we gave it another 'go'! Now he's riding all over the place - and the three of us ride together.

The husband has just gone 'gun ho' on the fitness thing too - he's participating in a walk challenge at the work place, we walk down to the store and around the neighborhood together, with the dogs, or the youngest - rewarding ourselves with an occasional smoothie stop at Juice it Up! (they have double ticket clicks and Tuesdays and Thursdays which quickly gets us to some free ones), and now bike riding! Have a new spiffy pedometer -- the Omron HJ-112 the husband gave me - keeps track of steps, aerobic steps, aerobic minutes, miles, and kcal burn. Quite motivating. Let's see if my numbers go up. I'm doing really well, and in the women's challenge I've only missed one point so far and have already made that up with a bonus challenge. I missed a goal again at the end of the month because I had bashed my toe during the week (please, don't ask!) and in the next and final week I will be able to make that up and successfully complete the challenge! Overall I have increased my automatic daily activity to an healthy level and am enjoying the extra support, challenge, and companionship from the husband.

So though I started out the post on a low note - it is clear that the Lord works all things to the good of those who diligently seek Him. He is ever faithful!

And there you have it; June in July! Meanwhile keep the middle daughter lifted up as she begins new endeavors - may the Lord's grace and protection fervently rest upon her as He completes her - of course that applies to all of us!

Fitness Footnote

'the highs and lows of' my Weight Loss Journey