Friday, May 8

UNTHINKing ... was posted everywhere - FB, emails, twitter, etc. Our family took advantage of the coupons and had a delicious meal for 3 - not spending $15. What a treat! I feel like my dear friend Nicole 'touched me' with her blessing. She saves money all the time - I'm waiting for her How-To book. And thanks to my dear stylist I was able to get access to that coupon.
At any rate, this was a very pleasant family night after attending Wednesday night Bible study - which usually leaves me hungry for more of the Word AND food! I see more correlations - the Study enables me to 'unthink' erroneous teaching by knowing the Bible, to reduce the fat in life by choosing the lean choice of truth. The Grill was delicious, beyond my expectations.

There is now a raincheck for the KFC; check

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