Wednesday, May 29

patience; it's perfect work

The most difficult aspect of photography for me is patience - not rushing through afraid of missing a moment, but taking the time for just the right light, that perfect setting, that exact moment. Otherwise you can take a zillion shots and have little to nothing, not even scratching the surface of what exists. But with patience, you experience the transformation of essentiality - essence! When you finally close that shutter, what you will have to show for the time you spent will be the breath-taking release into the realm of par excellence, a perfect work.

It's that way with life too! You can race through all the aspects of living, moving from one to the next and onward; or you can experience the transformation of essentiality (a joy in the gift of being) in totality, experience it, let it saturate you. When you close your eyes that final time - great will be the satisfaction of a life rightly and well lived!
getting it!
photography by RNorm.

Let patience have it's perfect work ... James 1:4


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