Saturday, January 31


I come up with these silly little titles. I don't know why.

Point though is we had a little issue with our spa and needed someone to come look at it. Issue being water - an issue of water leaving the spa. Anyways, after some calls, our spa company recommended a service company and requested we be given priority.

The company that came was 4 Spa Repair & Service. They in no time went and determined the problem and fixed it. Weren't we happy campers; especially the husband who had been desiring its therapuetic values. Our cost was minimal.

It is just a delight to get good service. James and his brother who accompanied him were knowledgeable and friendly. I just wanted to pass it on. About them:

Trusted, Experienced, Spa Professionals- Servicing All Of Southern California.

We repair a variety of spas, both with and without manufacturer’s warranty. We offer professional and easy solutions to ensure spa ownership to be a pleasing experience. We are salt water certified for those customers who wish to limit the use of harsh chemicals in their hot tubs, as well as a variety of parts for the 'do it yourself' spa owner. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Call today & allow one of our highly trained, professional and friendly staff members to assist you.

Other Services offered: Spa Covers, Gazebos, Delivery, Spa Relocation, Spa Retro- fitting, Spa Upgrades, Spa Disposal.

I think a good name is important and worth sharing.

Friday, January 30

hands of worship

hands of worship
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Every day there are hands that touch lives, even ours. Those touches run the gamut of malevolent. to innocuous, to benevolent. Much of this is of our own choosing - where we hang out, how we select our friends, how we carry ourselves that draws people to us; and some of it has nothing to do with anything we do.

But I've found that those hands that touch my life spiritually are a blessing to my life and enabled me to be armed for negative encounters in this life. Many people have BFFs (best friends for ever). In my life with Christ, I am privileged that He has given me TFFs (true friends for ever). Their agenda is always His; not mine nor theirs. And His is always best for me. It is people like these that always keep me looking to God, He uses to keep my eyes on the prize, to recognize that 'where 2 or 3 are gathered He is amongst us, and that I am not alone.

Two pairs of such I am thankful for are the owner of the hands pictured, as her worshipful nature of quiet wisdom and abiding peace has greatly influenced my life and my stylist - a rich source of encouragement. Surround yourself with such as these where ever you go, like vitamins. They can be found in the workplace, place of Worship, neighborhood, social gatherings and more.

And so, as in Hebrews 12, 'not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another; and all the more as you see the day drawing near'.

Turn'n Headz

Turn'n Headz
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Last week I took the youngest to get a haircut and, although he often has a sort of frown on his face, he's playing his DS which can't be seen. I actually took this shot through a mirror which captures other mirrors. Count them :-). Whether or not the youngest is frowning, I can always smile at his handsome self when he's sat in the barber's chair.

It's another RDO and I actually, as usual, had my hair done. I've mentioned Turn'n Headz before - but on a day like today when I can go and relax and feel like a new me when I leave; it seemed to bear mentioning again.

Of course I went to Moe's and had my chicken breakfast. Now, I've gone through some pictures recently taken and uploaded some to the computer. Next for this RDO, I've got some work to do, blessing God that I'm employed.

Tuesday, January 27

procrastination, patience, premature

I thought hey, if I hurry I could get more than one post in this month. The thing about hating 'catch up' is I'm a procrastinator - and I operate well in this mode. When, I write against a deadline, it all comes together at the end. Until then, I'm in the classic 'ball up paper and toss it' mode. I like the flow of that.

When I photograph it defies my nature - it requires planning - yikes and, yet, instinct which I love. It requires patience. When I see something, I want it; but it makes me wait. God does that to me too, make me wait for His best and gives me the instinct (when I don't ignore it) to recognize when I have it. I've screwed up some shots and many a shot in life not allowing patience to work 'experience, and experience hope; and hope' which maketh not ashamed. You get the picture! Not just what you saw, but everything that take had in it. I'm learning not to settle; to get the shot. Because I've begun to learn, I have my Beloved Boaz.

My mother used to say I was 'whatever age' going on 40. There was something to what she was saying. I took some test on Facebook and it said I tested to be the age 60; YIKES!!!!! But I'm beginning the life of the curious case of Shelz. I'm learning to come to God as a child. This lesson was re-triggered in Bible study tonight. He said I am His own. He would help me walk and he would feed me. He would quiet my cares. "Unless you come to me as a one these ..." Here I come Abba Father.

Saturday, January 10


I don't like ketchup - only on meatloaf; it is really good on meatloaf.

And I don't like playing catch up - the stress!

But here I am in January, looking at December.

I had a birthday, so maybe it's age. ;-). I have a new camera - an upgrade from my TZ3 to a FZ28. Wow! I'm really enjoying it and I still like my little one with so much capability. It fits in my pocket or purse - so I'm never without a camera. But the new one is light years more intriguing. I take some solitary walks to get some shots as well - a combo of physical, spiritual and artistic exercise. I'm enjoying this new avenue of pursuit. I take shots where ever I see them.The first day of my vacation it snowed over night. I captured this shot doing morning errands.


The husband and I go on shoots. He also goes with our yenta who also is into photography. New Year's, he came over with his lady and shared a morning with us - more photos LOL. We're plannning a getaway shoot - should be fun; I'm looking forward to it. The youngest has accompanied us on a nature shoot.

I also received Vanessa William's Christmas CD and a great workbook 'Sacred Romance'; going to get the book today so I can begin the journey.

Spent Christmas with kids in and out. We were blessed to see the Giant's wife over the holidays who came bearing the gift of kewl watch. Too we were blessed as the next oldest came down from northern California. We had 5 for dinner, and it was a very nice to have the help cleaning up. We missed the one studying in France, and the Texans, but were also blessed by all of the rest.

I usually use this time to do some cleaning and re-arranging some furniture. I made the effort this year to change our living/dining room in to what I call the conservatoire (a reading/music room of sorts) - same stuff, just slightly different look to contrast with our 'theatre' room we already have. I have much, much, much more cleaning to do.

Other than groceries, I didn't really do any shopping, even though I have a few gift cards to spend. Eventually! Eventually! Went to the office parties of my and the husband's job. New Year's we've developed of having of finger foods and sparkling beverage with whomever graces our home as we wait in the New Year. That was nice. We were watching, as we had been throughout the holidays, episodes of the last dvd season of Smallville. We paused for the midnight celebration!

So now as I look back I see I've had a difficult time in getting back into school; but I haven't given up. I'm trying to manage the workload and make way for that opportunity, as well as continue in ministry and of course having a meaningful family life. Jer 29:11 reminds me God has a plan. I'll be trying to be on His page.

Meanwhile I look to the hubbi's upcoming birthday - a weekend which we will celebrate the gift of him, Martin Luther King Jr., and 44. Hoping to make the most of what will be a 5-day weekend for me.

Ketchup/Catch Up is what you make it - done well it can as enjoyable as this has been.

May God's (not the World's) prosperity bless you all this New Year.
"to be prudent, be circumspect, wisely understand, prosper (Qal) to be prudent, be circumspect (Hiphil) to look at or upon, have insight to give attention to, consider, ponder, be prudent to have insight, have comprehension 1b insight, comprehension (subst) to cause to consider, give insight, teach 1b the teachers, the wise to act circumspectly, act prudently, act wisely to prosper, have success to cause to prosper"

Fitness Footnote

'the highs and lows of' my Weight Loss Journey