Thursday, October 13

Having an ear to hear books

It's becoming known how much I like Ted Dekker's writing. When the Pastor mentions his wife's penchant for audiobooks, especially those penned by what author, and members of the body of Christ call it out ... uh oh! After 'House' (wow), I recently finished 'Obsessed' and was stirred by the unction to obsess as God obsesses - what a convention ... "like a pearl of infinite price". The husband and I are listening to a third book of the Circle Trilogy - we didn't get this 'Black' until after hearing 'Red' and 'White'.

I've also ventured into Francine Rivers' books - reading her story about the 'Prince' made the Biblical events come to life for me and more importantly perspective. As many times as I read the Bible the order and connectivity of events can get away from me, so I really enjoyed how she captured the life and loyalty of the first prince of Israel.

Meanwhile, I am 'literally' (pardon the pun) reading photography books - trying to get the concept of settings and the setting of settings to set naturally to me. Pray for me on that one.

Fitness Footnote

'the highs and lows of' my Weight Loss Journey