Saturday, December 8

City Preps for Holiday Festivities - a good day for the Farmers Market

Rose early for Fontana's Farmers Market this morning which would be incorporated this week into the City's Festival of Winter Rock N Roll Christmas - a parade, snow, skating rink, music and more! From my frequented vendors, I picked up my usual goods -- strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, red and white onions, avocados, and some granola. This week with the raffle tickets I got a $5 coupon for the next visit and a salad shaker.

In and around the area, the preparations for the day's activities were going on. You could hear the sounds of the snow machine, and bands, and see classic cars and floats lining up with their passengers, including the likes of Acquanetta Warren and Janice Rutherford. The crescendo of anticipated activity was only just beginning.

Sunday, December 2

First Installment of Living Greener in the Black

The eldest says that striving for a natural healthier life is a unique focus that needs be exploited to the benefit of those, especially people of color, that think it far reaching  -- in ease of putting into action and in grasping the possibilities.

She's right. Because it is not out of reach. It takes wanting it and moving there - with small steps, not necessarily huge strides. It is then amazing how easy it generally becomes to embrace and the world that opens up and expands before you. There's a wealth of knowledge and support out there and some misinformation too.

My intent is not going 100%; I'm going (albeit sometimes inperceptible) beyond where I am today, every day. I'm going to explore and exploit my adventure into this realm and hope that not only I glean something from it. I expect to enhance my own well-being and that of the lives I touch in so doing. May you also, if you come along for the ride.

On that note, Farmer's Markets ...
Attended one with the eldest in Texas in the summer, essentially in spectator mode. However, since I returned to California, I've been frequent the Fontana Farmer's Market Saturdays. This past Friday, visiting a recovering friend, I saw a Farmer's Market at the nearby Kaiser Permanente Hospital (apparently they have several). There are actually many Farmer's Markets in the area, currently listed under Southland Farmer's Markets

booty from my winning raffle ticket!

Other Farmer's Market pictures:
Farmer's Market goods (yes I even bought the orchid there!)
When I went to the nearby supermarket after Thanksgiving to get some fresh fruit (a Farmer's Market wasn't held that weekend), I was highly disappointed and recognized how indulged I've become. The fruit I purchased was more expensive and in lesser condition. The strawberries I bought were actually grossly molded underneath. I was so glad to get back to the Farmer's Market this weekend and pick up my fresh produce. 

This weekend, I made the utmost usage of the Thanksgiving turkey by concocting a soup - the ingredients were largely (with the exception of the turkey) from fresh produce and seasonings, and leftovers. There is a distinct improvement in the taste and texture of the vegetables, not to mention the increase of nutritional value. I was pleased with this accomplishment, freezing some for rainy days (looking out the window at the cloudy sky) and the cold/flu season, and keeping some for now.

I may sound like Susy Homemaker now; I'm far from it. I'm a busy family woman working outside the home with other consuming activities. The small steps in the culinary area I've taken actually help me enjoy cooking and prepare quick and healthier meals (my resistant family actually enjoy).

Well, there's the first installment of Living Greener in the Black ;-)

Fitness Footnote

'the highs and lows of' my Weight Loss Journey