Tuesday, June 24

Civic Minded

Well no, the boy is not under arrest! LOL

He's on a field trip to the City's Lewis' library dedicated to King, the police department, and City Hall. The husband, Dad ,went too. Already a card carry member of the library and former attendee of City Planning Commission meetings, only the police department was new; praise God :-) Dad said it was quite a day, especially since the temperature was in the triple digits!
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Monday, June 23

youngest closes third grade on a high

With one more day of school, the third grade rolled into the auditorium for awards. Two of our neighbors were amongst them. It has been a busy year - field trips to Mary Vagle Nature Center, San Diego Wild Animal Park, the Lewis Library/police department/City Hall with his former planning commissioner dad; talent show; being qualified to test for GATE; and monthly assemblies. Today lunch is being provided by In N Out. Tomorrow they will be watching the Spiderwick Chronicles.

But his class all sat to collect their awards for the year from his teacher and the new vice-principal with other classes; and he had three - Exemplary School Year Performance in Social Studies, Proficiency Award for the third trimester, and Outstanding Achievement for Academic Proficiency all three trimesters. Mrs. Rangel was an excellent teacher. It's been a good year!

Friday, June 13

A Star is born?

a young boy made his singing debut last night in his elementary school auditorium. He chose to sing 'Apologize' by Timbaland. In the midst of other singing acts, young and cultural dances, pianists and more - he presented himself to the world. He said "I'm just enjoying singing". And sing he did. He tried out a week ago, and had been rehearsing from that point forward. Here is our youngest and a memorable night.

The third place performance was a friend of his who also sang a song. The performances tied for second place was choreagraphed karate and a group of four dancers, and first place was an adorable 2nd grader playing 'fur elise' on the keyboards.

Here he is (sorry its sideways; didn't know how to fix that) ...

Fitness Footnote

'the highs and lows of' my Weight Loss Journey